Friday, 23 December 2011

Remember Hitch

Christopher Hitchens was my hero. There I've said it. I'm not really one for idolising people, but it's very difficult not to in this case. He was the coolest atheist we had and even though we never met I knew him through his work and loved him for it. There will never be another like him.

To memorialise Christopher Hitchens we have the internet. Google produces 7,860,000 results for "Christopher Hitchens" so far and there is also a lengthy Wikipedia article dedicated to him. YouTube has 42,600 videos. Many of Christopher's fans still share his material using BitTorrent. To help keep track of all the new stuff being added, to help keep his memory alive and also to help defend his memory against those who would try to distort it, I've set up a Twitter bot tweeting Google Alerts in memory of Hitchens @RememberHitch

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